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Anonymous: 안녕!! may i request Chanyeol/D.o/Sehun/You Smut? ^^" is it wrong time to request?? hope you will accept mine^^ 잘부탁해요~ btw i love your scenario!! 난 니팬이야!! 

네~ I will get a storyline in order, dear :3


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eatcuddlesleep: Can you write a Dark!Ravi smut? ouo You don't have to ofc, I'm just looking for something to read and I happen to love love love your writing ^_^ 

Yes I will; I will think of a storyline and write it as soon as I can. :3


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Anonymous: Can you do another Leo from vixx smut story? I love your ideas ^.^ 

I will work on thinking up a storyline, dear. I need to get back into writing. :3


Donghyun x you [self-inspired] {RATED M}


Donghyun x you {self-inspired}

“_______-ah, your 12:30 appointment is on his way,” your secretary/fellow travel agent (and close friend) Donghyun said over your phone’s intercom.

“Komawo, Donghyun oppa. Send him in when he arrives,” you replied to him, looking at your computer screen as you went back to organizing your schedule. You heard a click and the door opened. You glanced up from your computer screen to see that Donghyun had come into your office.

“What is it, oppa?” you said, seeing a teacup and saucer in one hand and a plate of two chocolate chip muffins in the other. He looked at you sternly in a cute way.

“_______, you need to eat something before discussing travel materials with the manager of EXO-K,” He set the plate down in front of you on your desk and you nodded, sighing.

“Thank you, Donghyun oppa. You always know how to take good care of me,” you said as you took a bite of one of the muffins and sighed.

“Mmm~ Chocolate,” you closed your eyes in delight and continued to eat.

“I’ll be working on the travel details with Super Junior’s manager if you need me,” Donghyun said before exiting the room, leaving you to finish your snack.

Once he was out of earshot, you groaned and rubbed your eyes. Recently you had met this absolutely gorgeous guy, Soohyun, while working with NU’EST’s manager from Pledis Entertainment. He was the main photographer who was working at NU’EST’s photo shoot the day you met with their manager. Soohyun caught your gaze and you exchanged numbers. He texted you whenever he could, which was about three times a day.

   Soohyun had the day off and he said that he’d come in later to spend some time with you. You admittedly looked like crap (in your opinion). Your eyes were red and bloodshot from not enough sleep and too much time staring at pages and computer screens.

“Lee-sshi has arrived. Would you like him to come in now?” Donghyun said a few minutes later. You quickly sat up straight in your chair and replied with a “Yes, send him in,” before straightening your blouse and slacks and then standing. You bowed and shook his hand once he was standing in front of you.

“Ah, Lee-sshi, it’s good to see you, sir. Shall we get started on the trip plans and preparations?”

“Ne, _______-sshi,” Lee-manager said to you before sitting down, and you sat down as well.

      Three hours later, you were finished with most of the paperwork for all of the trips that would be happening two weeks from then. You were positively exhausted and just wanted to get home.

“_______-ah, Seo Soohyun-sshi is here to see you,” Donghyun said over the intercom, and you panicked.

“D-Donghyun oppa! I can’t see him right now… I don’t feel well,” you admitted, pressing lightly against your forehead to try to reduce the pressure but it made it worse and you felt the tears spike in your eyes.

“I’ll tell him,” you heard him say, but it also seemed like he had an emotion in his voice that you couldn’t quite place. You laid your head down on your desk and closed your eyes, enjoying the silence. Your head was starting to feel a little better—until your office door slammed open and Soohyun stormed in.

“We were going to go to dinner tonight, and you’re sitting in here, sleeping?!” Your head shoots up from the desk and you cringe, your eyes shutting tightly and your head spinning.

“I don’t feel well, Soohyun… Can we discuss this later?” you sighed, hoping that the silence meant he understood and he was about to leave.

Instead of the quiet and sweet response you were expecting, he tsk’ed and started to argue with you.

“That’s an excuse. I get off of work and I’m ready to spend time with you, which you obviously don’t feel like at the moment…,” Soohyun scoffed.

“Did you not hear me?! I have a headache. Please, let’s discuss this later,” you sighed, feeling your head pound.

“You’re not worth my time if you won’t keep your promises,” he said, shaking his head at you disapprovingly as if you were a small child that was being tsk’ed.

“You didn’t even tell me we were going out to dinner,” you said, wanting to give up on this whole thing.

   Donghyun knocks on your door before peeking in.

“What’s going on, _______?” he said, concerned.

“Soohyun was just leaving,” you said, glaring at him. There were tears threatening to spill but you blinked them away and looked back up at him.

“Get. Out,” you said, irritated.

He stood there as if he didn’t hear you and you nearly shouted, “GET OUT!” before he finally gave you one last glance and walked out of the room. You exhaled and started to cry. Donghyun walked over and took your arms, leading you to your desk chair. He leaned against your desk and cupped your face.

“_______-ah,” you heard him say quietly. You looked up and sighed, smiling when you saw his eyes, framed by his glasses.

“Donghyun oppa,” you said, rubbing your forehead, “I knew it wouldn’t work out…and yet I still communicated with him.”

He nodded, replying “I’ll be right back, _______; I’ll go make some tea for you.” Donghyun brushed your cheek gently and walked out of the room, going to get some tea for you.

   In a few minutes he was back with a cup of hot tea in hand and painkillers.

“Here,” Donghyun said, setting the tea down in front of you.

“Honestly, I knew he was too cocky for me,” you said, shaking your head, “I don’t really like guys like that… I like the boy-next-door that’s surprisingly handsome, smart and caring.”

You glanced at him notably and you blushed, looking away. Donghyun watched you carefully, unsure if he was correct about your feelings towards him.

Taking a sip of the tea, you thought about what you had said and blushed deeply, looking away from him. You had just described Donghyun. He tilted his head, considering what you had said before saying, “_______-ah.”  You mentally slapped yourself and looked up at him.

  He was also quite pink and your heart began to pound.

“Do you really feel that way towards me?” he asked, almost nervously.

“Y-Yes,” you answered slowly, unsure of his response.

“…” He leaned inward and met your lips with his. It was a sweet, gentle kiss but it left your head reeling. You felt dizzy and closed your eyes, sighing before opening your eyes, seeing his gorgeous brown eyes watching you.

“Donghyun oppa…,” you said his name, unable to say anything else. He leaned inward as if he was about to kiss you again and whispered, “_______-ah,” before kissing you again. You understood, somehow, what he meant to say but couldn’t, and nibbled on his bottom lip. He groaned and broke the kiss to look at you and you see that he’s blushing deeply. You glance down and see that he’s hard, and you blush as well.

“I’m sorry, _______-ah, I’ll just—” He was about to get up when you kissed him deeply and he sighed into the kiss, sliding his arms around you and pulling you into his lap. You moaned when you felt his excitement, and he slipped his fingers under your shirt slightly.

You gasped into the kiss and he continues to kiss you, unbuttoning your blouse slowly as he does. Donghyun breaks the kiss to gently kiss down your newly exposed chest and you bite your lip, unable to control your moans. He lifts his head and you lean your head slightly to kiss his neck and unbutton his shirt.

Soon, you’re both shirtless and without bottoms, and you can’t help but stare at him as he undid his boxers and reveals his cock. You blush deeply and you slid off your panties, biting your lip. 

“D-Donghyun….,” you said quietly, blushing even deeper.

“Are you ready, _______?” he asked you gently, and you nodded, making room for you between your legs. He settled himself and pushed in little by little. You gasped when he was completely in.

“Ahh~” you exclaimed as he started to move.

“Donghyun~ ahhh~” you moaned, feeling your climax grow every time he moved.

You cried out his name when you climaxed, and he moaned deeply as he came. You both put your underwear back on and laid down on the sofa, resting.

“_______-ah,” he said softly, “That was amazing.” You looked at him and blushed, nodding.

“It was amazing,” you agreed before kissing him.

“I love you, _______-ah.”

“나도, 동현오빠 (Me too, Donghyun oppa),” you kissed him again and again, smiling. He smiled back, and you both put your clothes back on and you both drove to his house. You stayed the night.

Anonymous: please write about jinyoung-- <3 

OH MY GOD I WILL :D I have too many favorite groups ;A;


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Anonymous: kind of distracted seeing your bg while reading your scenarios, I just can't concentrate haha 

Whoops~! Sorry not sorry ;)


PS I’m not a sadist; I’m really an M… >.<

Anonymous: daehyun government rebels part 2 and hey admin where are ya? 

I will think of a plot and I’ve been…crraazzzyyy busy with stuff. :/ It’s all right for now, but I hope no other craziness happens..


Anonymous: Can I ask for a Daehyun/Yongguk/Himchan/You smut? 

I can certainly work on it. I’m sorry that I’ve been gone for so long!!! A bunch of crazy shit went down at home, and now I’m living with my boyfriend and his mom…

I will get this written!! I’m so sorry to have been gone for what, four months??


Anonymous: Hi! Will you pls let us now when you will open the requests? I don't wanna miss the chance :-) 

Of course, darling~ You can request but remember I have college AND work; I’ll try my best to write :)

Anonymous: Eunhyuk smut please! Like, he's teacher you have a crush on him, you go after class because you got in trouble and you beg to not call your parents!!! pLEASE xx 

Of course, sweetie ;)