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Anonymous: Eunhyuk smut please! Like, he's teacher you have a crush on him, you go after class because you got in trouble and you beg to not call your parents!!! pLEASE xx 

Of course, sweetie ;)

TaekwoonxRavixHongbinxyou [4some request by anon]

택운, 라비, 홍빈 x you [4some]



   Taekwoon hurt your feelings…again. He certainly didn’t mean to, but every time you said good morning, he only stared at you for a brief moment before returning to his paperwork. As a police task force, unity and communication was vital to the community and especially to your team. Unfortunately, Taekwoon was a very quiet person, only speaking when he felt he had to. Otherwise, the only way he communicated was to criminals by using taekwondo skills and judo and flipping them over.

Ravi and Hongbin, fellow police officers on the task force, understood your frustrations towards Taekwoon. However, they were desperate not to lose their most valuable member—you. They spoke in hushed tones to each other as you sorted out your paperwork for the day and organized your necessities for the day. They decided that during an MT (Membership Training; basically bonding time for business workers, etc.) assignment, Leo and you would end up handcuffed to each other and would eventually make up (and Ravi was sure you would end up fucking Leo).

Ravi and Hongbin actually had feelings towards you as well, and they were about as strong as Leo’s towards you, but they didn’t know you as well (and damn if they didn’t want to know more about you).

“__________,” Ravi called you over, and you rushed over.

“Yes, Officer Kim?”

“Please, just call me Wonshik or Ravi, _______-ah; we’re coworkers, not business associates,” Ravi replied, and you blushed before nodding.

“Yes, Ravi?”

“Chief and I have decided that an MT is in order for our task force. It would be the best way to bond away from work. What do you say?”

“That sounds great. Bonding is important for task forces, and that sounds like it would be beneficial to us, as well as being a fun break from tiring work,” you agreed, smiling.

“That’s good. I’ll get all of the food organized for it then,” Ravi said, waving you off with a smile.

“________-ah,” Leo called your name quietly, as if he was praying.

“Yes, Taekwoon?”

“Can you go over this paperwork with me, please?” he said silently, and you nodded, crouching down next to him so you could see the papers better. He pulled you onto the chair with him, catching you off guard, and suddenly you were self-conscious of everything.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Does my hair look bad? Do I have bad breath? Should I have refrained from exercising this morning?

“______. __________-ah,” Taekwoon called you numerously.


“I was asking you about your opinion on this case. Should we go in and monitor, or should we wait a little longer?”

“Uh, monitoring seems like the best choice this time around,” you replied, and Taekwoon nodded.

“Thank you for your input. I’d have to say I agree completely. I’ll let the Chief know,” Taekwoon said, watching you as you limped a bit to your desk, obviously suffering from a leg cramp.


Things had been awkward around the office with Taekwoon practically staring you down and the other two trying to formulate a plan to get you two together.

Once the week was through, however, they had organized everything for the MT and soon the four of you were packing a sedan, ready to head to the countryside for the weekend. All of the other members of your taskforce were very busy and couldn’t come to the MT.

Since Ravi was the only one who had a driver’s license, he was in the driver’s seat and Hongbin was seated in the passenger’s seat, leaving the rest of the backseat for you and Taekwoon and the baggage.

“_______-ah,” Taekwoon called your name softly and you turned your head, cheeks burning.


“Can you pass me a drink please?” he asked, and you nodded, turning around in your seat to reach the cooler behind you. Ravi must’ve hit a bump or something because you nearly fell out of your seat before you had even gotten Taekwoon’s drink.

A pair of hands steadied you and you blushed deeply, knowing exactly who it was: Taekwoon.

You quickly grabbed his drink and went to turn, feeling his hands leave your sides quickly. You thanked him, embarrassed, and handed him his drink. You got a drink for yourself, your mouth suddenly sand-dry, and you drank quite a bit before setting it down and closing your eyes, concentrating on calming yourself. Just the mere touch of his hands had your heart racing and your stomach doing insane flips.

“We’re here,” Ravi announced as he pulled into the driveway of a cabin. You looked at the exterior in awe. A simple but flourishing garden in the backyard, a pool, and a lake that was overlooked by a two story house that you were sure had a basement.

As soon as all of the baggage was taken out of the sedan and put inside (in the proper areas, of course), Ravi and his “sidekick” Hongbin raced to the grill outside and started to grill the pork, leaving you and Taekwoon by yourselves. The other two had already claimed seats by slipping their jackets off and draping them on the backs of the chairs, and because you didn’t want to ask your sunbaes to move, you gave up and sat down across from Ravi’s chair, leaving one left for Taekwoon, to the right of you.

Chef Ravi and his assistant Hongbin quickly finished the grilling and carried the meat back to the table, along with the sesame leaves to roll up the meat in. You closed your eyes, inhaling the smoky scent of the meat and sighed, looking at the platter in awe.

Ravi chuckled and responded, saying, “Are you going to eat your share or do we have to eat it?”

You blushed, shaking your head as you took some meat and placed it on your plate after Ravi handed it to you.

Because Ravi was a lady’s man, he obviously served you water first. The cups were already filled and names were written on the cups so that they could be used more than once. You smiled, thanking him, and took a big sip. You continued to eat, thinking nothing of the pre-prepared waters.

Not ten minutes later, you began to feel a little woozy. Your head felt like it was swimming and your body was acting weird. It was like your legs had suddenly transformed into gummy worms and you put your hand against your head to prevent the dizzy spell, but nothing worked. Finally you stood up, hoping to get to a bathroom to splash cold water on your face when your legs buckled and you fell over onto the grass.

Strong hands pulled you up and you felt something being put on your wrist but you were too dazed and far too weak to pay enough attention to see if it was even happening in reality. You closed your eyes and passed out.

When you awoke, you were handcuffed to something heavy and you were alone in a dark room. You gasped and pulled against the handcuffs, hissing in pain as the sharp, cold metal dug into your skin.

A groan sounded from your right that seemed very familiar and you pulled again, trying to see who the hell you were connected with. You heard rustling and you soon were face-to-face with Taekwoon—the person you were trying to avoid communicating with.

“T-Taekwoon?” you said his name, unsure of your surroundings and the situation.

“_______?” he said your name in response, and you sighed in relief.

“Okay, now that we’ve both come to, could you please tell me what the hell is going on?” you asked as calmly as you could.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” Taekwoon answered simply, but you were completely and totally confused.

“What do you mean you don’t know what’s happening?” you asked him, angered at the situation.

“I don’t know what’s happening…I had nothing to do with this,” Taekwoon explained, and you sighed before growling, “Ravi and Hongbin.”

Taekwoon’s head shot up and he groaned, “You’ve got to be kidding me… They’re still doing that?

You nodded, pouting, “And they are always going to, probably,”

“I hate meddling people sometimes….they’re such a pain in the—” Taekwoon stopped you by putting his free hand out and placed a finger over your lips.

“Please, just relax and listen to me,” He asked of you, and you nodded, stopping.

“If we can get some more light in here, I might be able to get these things off,” Taekwoon said, looking into your eyes with his piercing dark orbs. You blushed and quickly looked away, nodding.

 “Okay, as I say three…one, two,” You start to prepare yourself to get up and get up as he continues to, “three.”

You got up and stumbled, as he was much stronger and almost knocked you over. You tripped and he managed to catch you, pulling you into his chest. You tried to push away, but he only clung to you tighter. You glanced up and your lips met, both of you hesitant and nervous, but after a few moments, you kissed him back and he began to increase the strength in his kiss, pushing you against the back of your chair and making you feel every part of his body.

“T-Taekwoon—” you murmured as he kissed you and pressed his body against yours. He hummed in response and you barely gasped out, “Wh-Why are you doing th—” Taekwoon silenced you completely by kissing you harder and adding tongue, and you fell back to the chair, neck bent back and chest partially arched to catch your breath.

He leaned forward further and kissed up your neck gently and softly, and you gasped as you reached out to grip his arms. He smiled and continued to kiss and lick your neck, biting a bit.

“Taekwoon~,” you moaned, gripping his arms. He broke away from your neck and looked you in the eyes.

“We need to get out of these handcuffs. I can’t do anything properly with them on,” Taekwoon confessed, looking at you suggestively and yet chicly.

“O-Oppa,” you looked at him in surprise. You didn’t expect him to say such a thing, but maybe that’s the way his personality was… Taekwoon was quiet, and yet, when he was in a romantic relationship, he spoke honestly and told his partner what he wanted and what he was thinking.

“Follow my lead, okay, _______-ah?” he said, and you nodded, bracing against him a bit.

“All right, now we’re going to head to that desk and see if I can look at these cuffs closer,” Taekwoon continued, and you nodded.

Together, you both headed to the desk and Taekwoon turned on the desk lamp and looked closer at the mechanism on the cuffs. He chuffed and pushed his finger down on something in the center of the cuffs and the cuffs came loose. You gasped in shock as your hand and his came undone from the handcuffs.

“Taekwoon, you’re amazing,” you gushed, surprised that he released the cuffs that easily.

“It’s not that impressive,” he answered back, blushing deeply.

“I say we go upstairs and kick their asses. And get some food. I’m starving,” you said, and Taekwoon nodded.

“Yes, we definitely should,” he agreed, taking your hand to lead you up the steep stairs. You both approached the door and thankfully it was unlocked.

“You jerks are going to pay,” you announced as you came through the door. But no one was upstairs. You looked around quickly, trying to find the other two, but to no avail. They were nowhere to be seen. While Taekwoon made coffee and ate, you decided to slowly creep up the stairs to see if the other two were in the bedrooms.

You heard footsteps approaching where you were standing on the carpet and you gasped, struggling to find a hiding spot. You slipped under a desk in the room right behind you and pulled the chair as far in as you could with your legs taking some room.

The footsteps came into the room where you were hiding, and soon your breathing was sporadic and unsteady. You were scared to death.

The chair was pulled away from the desk and you screamed when you saw two pairs of legs. Both owners of the legs bent down onto their knees to see you and you sighed, feeling tears prick your eyes. It was Hongbin and Ravi.

You started to cry without really meaning to, and they comforted you nearly immediately.

“You-you scared the shit out of me,” you sobbed, unable to control your heartbeat or your tears. Ravi pulled you into his chest and rocked you slightly while Hongbin rubbed your back and spoke quietly to you in your ear. Your eyes closed as he spoke silently to you and you were close to drifting off to sleep when you felt hot air being blown in your ear.

“S-Stop~,” you struggled to say the word without moaning but it proved impossible.

“Ah, so you’re ticklish there?” Hongbin said, blowing in your ear more. You squirmed and gasped in Ravi’s embrace.

“Hongbin~ Stop it,” you said shakily, wriggling more. You weren’t used to this and you didn’t know how to respond.

Ravi kissed down your neck and you moaned, moving against them both.

Before too long, you ended up topless as they both had their heads bent down, paying attention to your breasts by licking and suckling on your nipples.

“Ravi~, Hongbin~,” you moaned their names, drunk with pleasure. You couldn’t think properly—your head was swimming and your heart was thudding in your ears.

Footfalls sounded on the steps and Leo came into view (after you blinked a few times to clear your foggy vision). He looked surprised and yet, somehow, excited.

“_________~. I wonder what caused you to suddenly look like this,” Leo said, his voice slightly husky.

He worked on removing your pants and left your panties on, lazily tracing your lips through the fabric. You gasped, thrusting into his fingers, and he smiled a bit at your reaction.

“…” the two that were at your breasts continued what they were doing, and nibbled and lightly bit at your peaked nipples. Leo, however, pulled off your panties and brushed his finger against your folds, feeling your wetness.

“You’re so wet,” Leo said quietly, and you moaned, unable to say anything.

“L-Leo,” you whispered as he lifted his finger to his mouth and licked it, watching you with his sharp gaze. He sucked on the tip of his finger, closing his eyes at your taste, and opened them before abruptly putting his head between your legs and…

“Agh!! Leo~!” you moaned, feeling his tongue flick against your swollen clit. You thrust against his tongue and he pushed you down against the bed, holding your hips in place.

“LEO~ Fuck!!” you struggled to arch in his direction. He smirked at you, looking at you and then bent back down to lick you more…

Until he was stopped by Ravi who looked very angry, and who pulled you into his chest and kissed you deeply.

“Mmm,” you moaned into his mouth and gripped his upper arms, feeling his muscles flex under your touch.

He broke the kiss and traced your cheeks with his fingertips, putting his hand behind your neck before leaning in again. You gasped into his mouth and pushed him down onto the bed, slipping off his pants quickly. You moved down to his cock and licked it slowly from base to tip, sucking on the vein that was bulging. He groaned and gasped at the feeling of your tongue on his cock and gripped the sheets, and unable to control himself, thrust at your mouth.

You backed off, not willing to suck his cock just yet, and instead turned to Hongbin, whose cheeks were cherry red from watching how you treated his friend. You pushed up his shirt and kissed his pecs and abs, traveling lower, lower, lower until you pulled down his pants as well and licked his tip.

“______!!! Fuck~” you heard him gasp in surprise and pleasure. Smirking, you continued, wanting to torture the other two and Hongbin.

You continued to lap at his tip, digging your tongue into his slit.

“_______, oh god,” you heard him moan louder. You pushed your mouth onto his length and bobbed your head up and down until Leo pulled you away and set you in his lap.

Ravi kneeled behind you, waiting patiently for his turn. Leo thrust into you and you gasped, gripping the sheets beside his thighs. Ravi pushed in one wet finger into your back entrance, causing you to gasp and tightly shut your eyes. He pushed his finger in and out until you were moaning for more, pushing your ass back into his finger.

He pushed in another finger covered in lube and continued to get you accustomed to the feeling until he pushed in slowly, hearing you moan loudly.

“Ahhh~ Shik, you’re so big~,” you gasped, feeling him thrust a bit. He groaned in reply, thrusting a little more while trying to control himself.

After a few moments, Ravi became encouraged by your moans and thrusted in and out, Leo following his speed and thrusts into you particularly roughly.

You cried out and moaned loudly.

“Ravi~! Leo~!” you continued to cry out their names as they thrust in and out of you at incredible speed. You were so close to cumming, but Ravi pulled out and let Hongbin have his chance, sliding into you after Ravi switched positions with him. You moaned at the feeling of his length in you and gasped his name, moving against him. He moaned at your tightness and thrust in and out, slowly at first.

Soon, with Leo and Hongbin thrusting into you, you were gasping as you reached your orgasm.

“Leo!! Hongbin!! Ohhh~!” You laid your head down on the bed, completely exhausted.

“That was so amazing,” you said breathlessly.

They nodded in agreement and laid down on the bed next to you, falling asleep after a while. Somehow you knew that this situation wouldn’t just end here.

Anonymous: hi :) i was wondering if you could do a scenario with Zelo where you live far away and came back to visit for a few days and you go over to his house with gifts and everything but its cold so you both get into bed and it... gets hot? hehe and i know you are very busy so please don't feel the need to rush or anything !! <3 thank you :* 

No problem, darling~ :* I will work on it pretty soon~


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Anonymous: Can i request a scenario with Himchan nad Zelo where you are way more experienced than them and you have a threesome ;) smut of course 

Oh snap that sounds wonderful, sweetie~♥ Thank you, dear~


Anonymous: sure I can wait (: I would like to request a threesome with L. Joe and Changjo, something realy rough and nasty... XD 

Ohhhhhhh ;) I see..That sounds like something I’d love to think out ;)

Thank you for your request, darling~ :*


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Anonymous: I know this is a kpop scenario blog but could you please make a kim woo bin scenario; where both of you are friends & he finds out his feelings for you so he begins to avoid you because he doesn't think you feel the same?? 

Of course I can~! I’m going to have to do some research, but it’s no problem, dear~ :) Thank you for requesting, lovely.


Anonymous: heeeey, I love your scenarios <3 can I request one? (: 

Thank you, dear~ But…I’ve been really, really busy..So do you mind if it’s a while before I fulfill it? If you’re okay with that, then of course :) Thank you, lovely~ ♥


Tasty Twins for dimplez429 part 2

[Rated M]

He smirked and started to remove your clothes, unbuttoning your top and unhooking your bra, and leaving only your panties on.

He leaned down and kissed your lips after climbing on top of you, his fingers sneaking down to your nipples and circled them gently. You gasped into the kiss and moaned, his tongue slipping against yours.

You felt another pair of lips on your chest and you gasped, pushing Soryong away before looking down at the person.

“Who the fuck are—,” you gasped when you realized that he looked exactly like Soryong.

“I’m Daeryong,” he introduced himself before bending down and flicking his tongue against your nipple. You gasped and your eyes closed, moaning.

“W-Wait,” you stuttered, trying to stop them for a moment. They stopped and looked at you.

“Y-You’re twins?” you asked, and they smiled.

“Yes, we are,” they answered, and you gasped. “You have different smiles.”

They nodded and looked at you. “Would you mind if we both shared you?”

You thought for a moment. You were attracted to both of them, you thought as you looked at them, and you wanted to be loved and touched. From seeing Soryong’s personality firsthand with him helping you up, you knew that you could trust him. You nodded slowly and smiled nervously.

"You can-share me," you said shakily, and they smiled at you, kissing your hands.

Daeryong leaned down and kissed your neck gently, then moved down to your breasts and peppered kisses across your chest. You moaned quietly and watched them as they both licked your nipples and caressed your inner thighs.

“Dae, So, ohh~,” you moaned loudly, and suddenly Daeryong slipped down between your legs and pushed them apart before lapping at your clit. You cried out in response and gripped the sheets until Soryong had his member out of his boxers and he was looking at you.

You reached out and grasped his member in your hand, feeling the silky, hot skin in your palm. Fisting it a couple of times, you earned a number of moans from Soryong, and you cried out when Daeryong pushed a finger into your wetness and fingered you, soon adding another digit.

“Daeryong~ Ohhh fuckk~” you moaned louder, his tongue flicking against your clit and his fingers working quickly. You fist his member faster, moaning as his twin worked you into a frenzy.

“_________ baby, that feels so good~ Faster~,” Soryong moaned, his head thrown back and his mouth opened slightly in pleasure.

You quickened your pace, moaning and gasping as you approached your own climax, and soon you were both gasping and moaning loudly as you both climaxed. He came onto your stomach and the sheets and you moaned at the heat of his cum.

“____________, are you ready for me?” Daeryong asked, holding his dick in his hands as he kneeled between your legs. You nodded and moved your legs apart farther.

He pushed into you slowly and you groaned, slightly in pain. He kissed you to help distract you from the pain, and after a few moments, you nodded for Daeryong to move.

“Ahh~” you both groaned, and he thrusted at a slow pace for a while before you looked at him, almost angry, and told him to move faster. And he thrusted into you so hard that you moaned and gasped his name loudly, the bed shaking under you.

“Daeryong~ Oh god that feels so good~,” you moaned, gripping his arms. He worked harder, thrusting his hips at an angle to hit your sweet spot. You cried out and gripped his arms even harder, feeling the tip hit your spot continuously.

“Ohhh!” you moaned louder, louder, louder, until you cried out his name and came hard, your back arching. You laid back down on the bed and sighed, regaining your breath.

Soryong looked at you and smiles, waiting for you to get yourself gathered together.

“Are you ready for me?” you nodded and spread your legs for him. Soryong pushed in slowly and you gasped, his length thick and hot inside of you.

“Soryong~” you moaned, thrusting into his hips. Soryong gasped and groaned, thrusting faster and with more intensity.

“Baby~ Uhhhh,” he groaned loudly, thrusting against your tightened walls, “Please relax.”

You relaxed and he continued to thrust, hitting your spot nearly instantly.

“SORYONG~” you cried out, his tip hitting you again and again and again until you climaxed at the same time, your cum mixing with his.

You fell back to the bed after your back arched for the second time, and the two boys laid down on opposite sides of you.

“Close your eyes and go to sleep, _________-ah,” they both said, and you nodded, closing your weary eyes and falling asleep with both of their arms around you.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed parts one and two :D



Tasty Twins for dimplez429 (I apologize for like never writing this till now T_T)

 Part 1 of Tasty Twinstumblr_mayv7sMPjp1qeedfuo1_500.jpg

You carefully applied eyeliner to your eyes and when you were finished, you backed up to look at your full outfit in the mirror. You smiled to reveal your pearly teeth (that you achieved using whitening toothpaste) and applied a darker lipstick to your lips. You made a popping sound with your lips and you looked in the mirror with a seductive look. The slight smirk on your lips turned into a full-blown smile and you burst out laughing at yourself, nearly falling over from bending down.

You straightened up quickly, smoothed your lacey dress, and sat back down at your vanity to put on your heels. While you slipped your feet into your heels, you thought about your friend and how you ended up in this situation.

“Hey, _______-ah,” your friend Nana said to you at your weekly meet-up at a local café, “I have an idea.”

“What?” you replied, looking up from your coffee. You really didn’t want to hear what she had to say, honestly; it would probably be about you being single for so long.

“I know what will cheer you up,” she said, looking at you with worry in her eyes.

“Please, Nana, don’t hook me up with some loser,” you didn’t even try to beg her; you were so tired of finding the wrong guys and watching helplessly as they stepped all over you. Nana knew all too well how that impacted you.

You sighed, knowing that she wouldn’t let another douche come into your life. You nodded and waved to her to continue.

“I want you to go on a date with this guy,” Nana said, eyes lit up in excitement. “He’s a sweet, kind guy and he’s gorgeous. Oh, and he’s really tall…I recall that you really want a tall date, am I right?”

Your eyes widened. A gorgeous guy, with a tall stature AND he’s kind?! ‘Sign me up for that!’ you practically jumped for joy in your head.

“Okay, Nana, I’ll go on a date with him,” you agreed, hoping that at least dressing up and putting on makeup would make you feel better.

And now, here you were, ready to walk out of your apartment. You were so excited, nervous, scared, happy, hopeful, and a whole bunch of other emotions. You wanted to meet this guy and prove to yourself, your parents, your friend and your past heartbreaks that you deserved an amazing guy like this one. Hopefully he would turn out to be amazing. You knew with Nana that she would test the guy and observe him for any faults.

“Okay, _______, you can do this. Let’s meet this mysterious guy. 화이팅!! (Fighting!!),” You lifted your fist as you said the last word, immediately blushing when you realized what you looked like in your hallway mirror.

“Good job, __________,” you sneered at yourself in the mirror, then rubbed your lips together to fix your lipstick and walked out, locking your door with your clutch in hand.

The mystery guy would meet you down under the covered walkway of your apartment complex. You were so worried about how you looked that you were fixing your clothes, looking down as you did, and nearly fell from wearing such high heels when someone caught you. You caught your footing and bowed in apology, then looked up to see the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever seen. His eyes were dark brown and sort of small, but he was gorgeous.


“Are you _______?” the boy asked you, still holding you by the waist, and you nodded slowly.

“I’m Soryong, your date,” he said, looking down into your eyes. You blushed, suddenly feeling the heat of his hands on your waist. You nodded and smiled, cheeks burning. He finally released you from his arms, leaving you a bit cold.

“Shall we go?” Soryong asked you, reaching a hand out for you to grab. You nodded, flushing, and you took his hand. He walked you to his car and opened the door for you, and watched you slip in.

Soryong quickly walked over to the driver’s side and started up the car, his eyes on the road as he drove to the restaurant. You both talked about everything you possibly could, and you were enjoying his company immensely.

   Once you arrived at the restaurant where he made arrangements, he quickly left the car with the valet and took your hand, leading you inside.

The two of you walked up to the host and Soryong said a few words quietly, and the host nodded, quickly leading you to a table for two. The table settings were different than the others on surrounding tables, and you figured that Soryong wanted it to be special for you, as you liked the specific dishes and cutlery.

“This is beautiful, Soryong,” you gushed, unable to control your nerdy side. He chuckled and nodded. “I’m glad you enjoy it. I hope the rest of the night leaves you this excited,” Soryong said, winking at you.

Your heart began to race and you nodded, trying to contain yourself.

“What would you like to order?” the waiter came to your table, and Soryong looked at you to see what you wanted to order. You decided on water, figuring that the default coffee or wine would stain your teeth.

“And I’ll have water as well,” Soryong ordered, smiling at the waiter. He glanced at you and when he caught your eye, he tilted his head back to indicate he was going to the restroom. You smiled, nodding, and he smiled before getting up from the table and heading to the back.

Soryong returned a few moments later but for some reason, he looked a little different. His height seemed a little taller than from before, and did his smile look different? You shook your head, thinking that the lighting was making you see things or your eyes were getting worse.

“_________-ah,” he called your name, and his voice seemed the same to you. You sighed in relief and answered.

“You look beautiful tonight,” Soryong said, and you smiled.

“Thank you, Soryong,” you thanked him, but he seemed to have flinched a little when you said his name. You cocked an eyebrow and inquired about his response.

“Are you alright? You looked a little…surprised there for a second,” you said, looking at him. He nodded and sighed.

“The way you said my name was just…surprising is all,” Soryong said, sipping some of his water. You nodded and sipped some of your water as well.

“Excuse me for bothering you, but what would you two like to order tonight? Madam?”

You smiled at the waiter and looked down at the menu, ordering what you wanted.

“And you, sir?” Soryong rattled off his order, and the waiter took the menus, bowed, and left.

“So, ______, tell me about yourself,” he said, smiling.

“Well, I’m a student, and I’m studying and working right now,” you explained your major and smiled.

“Wow, it seems you’re quite an accomplished student, _________-ah,” Soryong said, and you blushed deeply.

“Not really…,” you said, happy and nervous, and the food arrived, being set in front of you without another word muttered between the two of you.

During dinner, he watched you as you enjoyed your food, and when you glanced up and saw him you blushed deeply. He blushed as well and smiled, embarrassed.

After you had both finished dinner, he glanced at you and smiled.

“Would you like to come over to my house for coffee?” Soryong asked you, and you nodded, blushing as you messed with your hair nervously. He smiled and paid for the bill before getting up and taking your hand, helping you out of your chair. You smiled and walked out with him to his car, blushing deeply when he pecked your cheek.

Soryong drove you to his house and parked in front of the garage. He met you at your side and took your hand, helping you down and then walking into his house with your hand in his.

You looked around as he fixed coffee for the two of you, noticing all of the different types of décor in his house. You thought he must have some type of different interests that conflict sometimes and cause him to want a different pattern or color and glanced at his back.

He turned and held out a mug of coffee for you.

“Here, ________,” Soryong said, and you smiled, taking the mug.

“Komawoyo, Soryong,” you said, cupping it and bringing it to your lips.

You smiled at the taste and aroma, “It smells and tastes delicious, Soryong.”

“Thank you,” he said, drinking some of his.

Once you took the last sip, you looked at him cautiously and blushed when he looked at you with a sharp gaze. He cupped your cheek and brushed your cheek with his thumb.

“Can I kiss you, ________?” he asked, looking at you sweetly.

“Y-Yes,” you blushed deeply. He leaned down and kissed you sweetly on the lips and you sighed into the kiss.

He broke the kiss and blushed, rubbing his neck.

“I’ll be back in a second…,” he said, walking out of the kitchen.

Soryong returned two minutes later, and he looked a little…shorter than you remembered.

He smirked and walked towards you quickly, kissing you deeply as he clutched your hips. You moaned and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“S-Soryong~,” you moaned into his mouth, and he smiled into the kiss.

A/N: Part 2 will be up soon! I wanted you all to have the first part :)